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Risk Mitigation Through Sudden Service

Samtec's superior Customer Service capabilities are unmatched in the interconnect industry, and in order to effectively manage risks that can be associated with providing customers our renowned Sudden Service®, Samtec employs various programs and practices which include:

Dual Operations Manufacturing System

  • Redundant product manufacturing in both Asia and the Americas
  • Manufacturing location strategy optimized for cost and delivery
  • Component sourcing, molding, stamping, plating and assembly in both Asia and the Americas

Vertically Integrated Infrastructure and Support System

  • In-house plating and coax cable manufacturing
  • In-house mold and assembly tooling design & fabrication
  • Connector processing, mechanical and electrical testing labs and vision inspection
  • Automated design and fabrication
  • Global IT Network
    • Complete synergy among Samtec's service, manufacturing and quality strategies
    • Integrated sales, support offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • No interruption or delays due to location, time zone or language
    • Redundant servers, vault and off-site back ups

Dual Sourced Niche Products

  • Certified independent second sources
  • Top selling High Speed, Power and RF interfaces
  • Product intermateability specifications for most second source products

Widely Available Commodity Products

  • Self dual-sourcing on almost every industry standard connector
  • .100" (2.54 mm), 2mm (.0787") and .050" (1.27 mm) socket and terminal strips
  • Competitor cross reference information available

Obsolescence Policy

  • Due to our build-to-order manufacturing policy, we rarely obsolete or discontinue products
  • If it is our only option, we provide twelve months notification before discontinuation
  • We do not destroy tooling; all tooling is archived

For more information on Samtec's Risk Mitigation Policy, please contact our Quality Department

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