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Samtec Social Solutions Association - Request A Contribution

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Samtec’s Social Solutions Association, or SSA, is dedicated to supporting Samtec associates and their families as well as assisting with the needs of our local community where our contribution will have the greatest impact and maximum benefit.

SSA is open to a wide range of contributions and charitable organizations, and we are more inclined to fund projects in the following areas:

  • Community development
  • Education
  • Healthcare and other projects that focus on improving the quality of life for all ages.
  • Recreational opportunities that enhance participants' personal development and/or community beautification.
  • Case-by-Case assistance to specific individuals and their families who have suffered some type of hardship.

Samtec handles all contribution requests with strict confidentiality.

If you would like to request Samtec make a contribution to your organization, please complete the SSA contribution request form on this page.

Complete the Form Below to Apply for a Samtec SSA Contribution

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Amount of Funds Requested:
Date Funds Needed:
How the Funds Will be Used:

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