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Final Inch® - Pre-optimized Break Out Region Reference Designs

Breakout Region

Final Inch Flow Chart

To make high speed connectors easier to specify and use, Samtec has extended the concept of manufacturer supplied PCB layouts and connector electrical models to include one of the most difficult design issues on the PCB: the break out region (BOR) around a high speed connector.

Samtec supplies Final Inch® BOR PCB trace routing recommendations for its most popular high speed connector sets. Final Inch® BOR recommendations:

  • Save design, development and validation time and resources
  • Balance performance with manufacturability and cost
  • Predict real-world performance expectations
  • Are based on standard board materials, multiple layers and low cost, high yield manufacturing processes
  • Minimize signal degradation

In order to predict the performance of a Samtec high speed connector in your application, Samtec can provide:

  • Physical Models
    1. Downloadable Gerber and DXF files for cut / pasting into standard software packages
    2. Files contain stack up, drill charts, via fields, footprints and traces
  • Electrical Models
    1. Models extend beyond the connector and out onto the board
    2. HSpice models of connector, vias, footprint and trace
    3. Touchstone models are also available
  • Empirical Data
    1. Final Inch® is not complete without validation of the system
    2. Advanced modeling methods provide accurate models for all sections
    3. Test boards are correlated to simulations
  • Test and Evaluation Boards
    1. Contain actual BOR design and controlled impedance transmission lines
    2. Lines terminate into industry standard coaxial connectors
    3. Contain probe points for use with standard micro probes

Samtec provides high speed connectors and PCB Final Inch® BOR design recommendations that work in the real world along with access to our Final Inch® Signal Integrity Group of dedicated EE’s.

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