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Description: ... Your search did not match any part number (pcies). Here are the closest series matches. Your search 'pcies' did not match any product. ...

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Low Cost, High Performance SMA Bull's Eye® Test Points | Samtec


Description: Samtec Bull's Eye® RF systems are designed to provide a low cost alternative to traditional SMA test systems with the same performance.

Original Ganged RF Solutions | Samtec


Description: These ganged RF systems are designed for high performance rugged applications with a variety of cable options.

Micro Flyover On-Board Optical Engine, FireFly™ | Samtec


Description: The Samtec FireFly Micro Flyover On-Board Optical Engine is the ultimate inside-the-box micro optical engine. It supports fiber or copper, can handle speeds ...

Shielded Twisted Pair Cable Assemblies | Samtec


Description: These high speed cable assemblies feature 28 AWG shielded twisted pair cable, 100Ω signal routing, and a variety of cable lengths and end options.

Micro Rugged High Speed Cable Assemblies, Razor Beam™ | Samtec


Description: Samtec's micro rugged, high speed Razor Beam™ cable assemblies feature 38 AWG micro coax cable and screw down option.

75 Ohm RF Adaptor | Samtec


Description: Samtec offers 75 Ohm RF Adaptors available in a variety of jack and plug terminating options.

Micro-Mini 75 Ohm RF Connectors and Components | Samtec


Description: Samtec offers 75 ohm micro-mini RF connectors and components with higher extraction force.

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