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Whatever your application or high speed design requirements, we've got the tools, support and services to help you optimize performance from Silicon-to-Silicon



We make it easy to ensure your system will perform at its maximum, with an array of free
design, data and reference tools for the selection, development, simulation
and testing of high speed systems.

Downloadable Resources

Our Signal Integrity Group has put together a wide array of resources
available to you free of charge including Electrical Models, 3D Models,
and a large library of PADs and OrCAD models.

3D Models

3D Models are available in multiple formats and variations.

PADs/PCB Footprints

PADs/PCB Library model files in many formats can save designers hours of tedious, yet critical effort.

Electrical Models

Electrical Models are available as Synopsys®, Cadence® Allegro PCB SI (DML ESPICE) and Mentor Graphics® HyperLynx®. Touchstone S-Parameter files are available upon request.



Samtec's Signal Integrity Group offers unparalleled support at a local level,
the best solution for your particular application by providing easy access to free online data,
as well as engineer-to-engineer support for more complex applications.

Image of Signal Integrity Group

Integrity Group

  • Worldwide 24/7 EE expertise
  • Full channel analysis
  • High data rate simulations
  • Break out region layout and routing recommendations
  • Application-specific design and development assistance
Image of Interconnect Processing Group

Processing Group

  • Assistance with overall processing and manufacturability of the board
  • Online general processing guidelines
  • Guidelines for high density arrays and edge mount connectors
  • Field termination kit guides
Signal Integrity Engineer

Customer Engineering
Support Group

  • Assistance with product prints
  • Location of competitor crosses
  • Identification of solutions for specific applications
Application Specific Products

Specific Products

  • Dedicated ASP engineers and technicians
  • Express modifications and engineered customs
  • Full engineering, design and prototype support
  • Design, simulation and processing assistance
  • Quick-turn quotes, samples and manufacturing



As 28 Gpbs systems start to move into the mainstream markets, the need to develop solutions that support
both density and signal integrity is becoming increasingly important. At these extreme speeds,
taking the concept of signal integrity optimization beyond the connector and into the entire system has become a
necessity. Samtec offers complete Silicon-to-Silicon signal integrity design solutions.

Image of Advanced Signal Integrity Support

Advanced Signal
Integrity Services

  • Application specific design, modeling and testing of circuits, subsystems and complete systems
  • Layout and component strategies to optimize performance
  • PCB design support and optimization
  • Support for 28+ Gbps and beyond
  • Advanced product development, including equalized high speed cables, improved PCB designs, next generation and future-proof designs
Image of Patented Advanced BOR Solutions

Advanced Break Out
Region (BOR) Support

  • Differential Vias: designed for high density arrays in the PCB break out region; provides better signal integrity at high data rates over traditional designs
  • Tri-Planar™ Transmission Lines: designed for high density routing of differential signals, with less impedance and lower loss than microstrip
Image of Teraspeed Consulting

Consulting Group

  • Advanced packaging and IC-to-board services
  • System engineering
  • Signal and power integrity
  • Electromechanical modeling
  • Professional signal integrity training and development programs

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