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Hypertransport, HT3

HTC Extoll Boad

The HyperTransport® Consortium is an internationally recognized standards body focused on producing open-standard protocols that enable computing-system designers to improve overall performance. Samtec is a contributing member of the Consortium.

HyperTransport® is a state-of-the-art packet-based, high-bandwidth, scalable, low latency point-to-point interconnect technology that links processors to each other, processors to coprocessors, and processors to I/O and peripheral controllers.

HT's highly efficient protocol makes it the ideal choice as a chip-to-chip, board-to-board and chassis-to-chassis high-performance interconnect, which is successfully deployed in the widest range of consumer, commercial and mission-critical applications, including gaming systems, embedded designs, networking equipment, personal computers, workstations, servers, and supercomputers.

HT3 Node Cable Assembly System (HDLSP Series)

HTC Extoll SC10 Board

The HT3 Node Cable and Connector meets the consortium's need for a next-generation high-speed high-density I/O system optimized for the demanding environment within equipment racks. Primarily, the design allows for the tightest side-to-side and over-under stacking, yielding the highest possible density in a box, and in a rack. The HT3 Node system interconnect, HDR-149112-XXXX, is the flagship of Samtec's HDLSP cable family.

HT Mezzanine Connector (SEARAY™)

HyperTransport's Mezzanine Connector Specification calls for Samtec's SeaRay board-to-board connectors. Widely used in high-speed, high-density applications, they are ideal for internal HyperTransport mezzanines. The connectors are available in several heights, giving system designers a versatile platform form their mezzanine requirements.

Prints for HT Mezzanine interconnects:

HyperTransport® HTX Slot Connector (PCIE slots)

Using legacy PCIE Card slots is another strategy for employing HyperTransport®. If needed, Samtec can also provide these familiar connectors.

For more information regarding PCI Express®, please visit their website at:

HyperTransport® is a registered trademark of the HyperTransport® Consortium.
PCI Express® is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG®

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