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PCI Express® Standard Connectors | Samtec

The PCI Express® in an I/O interconnect bus standard (which includes a protocol and a layered architecture) that expands on and doubles the data transfer rates of original PCI. PCI Express® is a two-way, serial connection that carries data in packets along two pairs of point-to-point data lanes, compared to the single parallel data bus of traditional PCI that routes data at a set rate.

Initial bit rates for PCI Express® reach 2.5 Gbps per lane direction, which equate to data transfer rates of approximately 200 Mbps. PCI Express® was developed so that high-speed interconnects such as 1394b, USB 2.0, InfiniBand™ and Gigabit Ethernet would have an I/O architecture suitable for their transfer high speeds.

Samtec offers products that meet the PCI Express® form factor as well as connectors and cables that are capable of PCI Express® speeds.

PCI Express® Form Factor

  • PCIEO – PCI Express® Optical Extender Cable, capable to Gen 3
  • PCIE – PCI Express® Standard Board Level Receptacle
  • PCIEC – PCI Express® Extender Cable for debug and characterization
  • PCRF – PCI Express® Cable with SMA’s for debug

PCI Express® Speeds

  • ERM8 / ERF8 – Edge Rate™ High Speed Connector Strips
  • ERCD / ERDP – Edge Rate™ Coax and Twinax High Speed Cable Assemblies
  • ECDP – Edge Rate™ Edge Card Twinax Cable Assembly
  • QSE-DP / QTE-DP – Q Strip® - 0.80 mm High Speed Connector Strips
  • EQCD / EQDP – Q Strip® - 0.80 mm Coax and Twinax High Speed Cable Assemblies
  • QSH-DP / QTH-DP – Q Strip® - 0.50 mm High Speed Connector Strips
  • HQCD / HQDP – Q Strip® - 0.50 mm Coax and Twinax High Speed Cable Assemblies
  • QMS-DP / QFS-DP – Q2™ High Speed Connector Strips
  • 6QCD – Q2™ Coax Cable Assembly
  • QRM8 / QRF8 – Q Rate® High Speed Slim Body Connector Strips
  • EQRD – Q Rate® Coax High Speed Cable Assembly
  • SEAM / SEAF – SEARAY™ High Speed Open Pin Field Array
  • SEAC – SEARAY™ High Speed Open Pin Field Array Cable Assembly
  • DPAM / DPAF – High Speed Differential Pair Array
  • RU8 - HSEC8-DV / HSC8 – Board Stacking System
  • EPLSP / HDLSP – Eye Speed® and Eye Speed® HD I/O High Speed Cable Assemblies
  • FCF8 – High Speed Cost-Effective Micro Coax Cable Assembly
  • ECUE – FireFly™ 38 AWG Copper Micro Flyover Cable Assembly

For more information regarding PCI Express®, please visit their website at:

PCI Express® is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG®

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