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PISMO 1 Industry Standard


PISMO1 Industry Standard

PISMO™ is the Platform Independent Storage Module Standard that is run by an advisory council made up by Spansion, ARM, NanoAmp, SMedia, Spreadtrum, Toshiba, Analog Devices, Broadcom, Cypress, M Systems and Micron Technology, Inc.

The goal of PISMO™ is to enable the more rapid deployment of increasingly powerful and reasonable mobile telecommunications, computer, and consumer products. "The PISMO modules will be stackable and supported by tools that provide easy access to signals for performing in-depth analysis. These features and more make PISMO™ memory modules ideal for validating and prototyping combinations of memory devices with a variety of host controllers." ( ) The PISMO™ connector consists of 32 bits data, 26 bits address and 33 bits control/status.

Samtec's part QTH/QSH is compliant to the PISMO™ standard. The part numbers are:

QTH-060-01-F-D-A - Male connector for 5mm stack height
QSH-060-01-F-D-A - Female connector for 5mm stack height

PISMO1 Connectors

Samtec PN Prints
QTH-060-01-F-D-A PDF Print
QSH-060-01-F-D-A PDF Print

For additional information, contact our Standards Group.

See also: PISMO 2.

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