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PISMO 2 Industry Standard


PISMO2 Industry Standard

“The PISMO2 specification defines mechanical and electrical specifications for SFF memory modules. PISMO2 memory modules can be used for verifying and prototyping memory devices with a variety of memory host controllers."

PISMO2’s goal is to implement a common board level interface for memory in multimedia devices to help standardize the field. PISMO2 would also help increase the needed memory for the always increasing complexity for products utilizing memory. PISMO2 allows stacking up to four memory modules above a host controller.

Samtec’s SEARAY™ series is compliant to the PISMO2 standard. The part numbers are:

SEAM-40-02.0-SM-8-2-A-K (ASP-139599-01) - Male connector for 7mm stack height
SEAF-40-05.0-SM-8-2-A-K (ASP-139600-01) - Female connector for 7mm stack height

PISMO2 Connectors

Samtec PN Prints
SEAM-40-02.0-SM-8-2-A-K (ASP-139599-01) PDF Print
SEAF-40-05.0-SM-8-2-A-K (ASP-139600-01) PDF Print

For additional information, contact our Standards Group.

See also: PISMO.

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