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The Power Architecture was originally developed by IBM in the early 1980s. Power Architecture technology is used in many applications from consumer electronics to supercomputers. Facilitated by, recent adoption of the high speed signal protocol required new search for effective trace and debug connectors, new cables, and overall cost effective solutions that resolved a number of existing issues. The Physical Connection group of the Common Debug Interface Technical Subcommittee (CDITSC) was formed in order to define the high speed serial protocol and the connection method for the next generation of Trace. The serial protocol and physical connectors were carefully selected over a period of several months by the committee specifically for scalability, minimal footprint, fine pitch, and signal integrity. The connectors chosen are the modified Samtec Edge Rate family of connectors (ERM8/ERF8 Series) and henceforth within the specifications and among member developers referred to as the HSSTP connectors, HST-xxx,or Trace Connector.

Connector Specification

The standard recommends Samtec’s Edge Rate ERM8/ERF8 Series connector set. These customized ASP versions of ERM8/ERF8 Series system provides four sizes: 11 position, 17 positions, 23 positions, and 35 positions. These four sizes provide a family of solutions for those more concerned with real estate to those who seek the maximum number of signals. Board-to-board solutions will have friction latches. Cable-to-board solutions will use the squeeze latch for higher mating retention force. Both solutions will be intermateable with the same female socket. All of the recommended connectors from Samtec are listed below.

Edge Rate Trace connectors HSSTP DCU side
Edgemount Connector
Pin Count Positions Part Number ASP-137971-01 Male PDF Print PADS
34 17 ASP-137974-01 Male PDF Print PADS
46 23 ASP-133811-02 Male PDF Print PADS
70 35 ASP-135040-01 Male PDF Print PADS HSSTP DCU side
Vertical Connector
Pin Count Positions Part Number Description Prints PADs
22 11 ASP-137968-01 Male PDF Print PADS
34 17 ASP-137972-01 Male PDF Print PADS
46 23 ASP-130366-01 Male PDF Print PADS
70 35 ASP-135020-01 Male PDF Print PADS
Target Side Connector
(please orient odd row
closer to the SoC)
Simplex Connector Reference Duplex Connector Reference Pin Count Positions Part Number Desc. Prints PADs
HST-S22 HST-D22 22 11 ASP-137969-01 female PDF Print PADS
HST-S34 HST-D34 34 17 ASP-137973-01 female PDF Print PADS
HST-S46 HST-D46 46 23 ASP-130368-01 female PDF Print PADS
HST-D70 70 35 ASP-135029-01 female PDF Print PADS

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