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Stackable USB Industry Standard

Stackable USB

Stackable USB Industry Standard

StackableUSB™ ruggedizes USB into compact form factors enabling the USB technology to move into harsh environments such as industrial control systems, mobile, hand-held, military, medical, and remote communications applications.
StackableUSB™ uses the popular USB 2.0 compliant connectors to mate CPUs and I/O boards allowing for:

  • Elimination of cables
  • Reduction of pin count
  • Smaller connector footprint than traditional interconnect architectures
  • Ability to stack up to 16 SBC

The StackableUSB™ standard specifies Samtec's Q2 QMS/QFS Series in a one bank (52 pin) orientation for module stacking. Samtec specifically designed the QMS/QFS Series with a 15.24mm stack height for top and bottom board stacking. Q2 has triple the wipe of many high speed mezzanine interconnects making it appropriate for rugged applications.

Samtec also offers precision machined standoffs to limit the impact of tolerance stack up issues in stackable embedded applications.

Stackable USB Connectors

Samtec PN Prints
ASP-129637-01 PDF Print
ASP-129646-01 PDF Print
SO-1524-03-01-02-L PDF Print

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