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EU & China RoHS Compliance

To obtain a RoHS Certificate of Compliance (compliance to the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU, and/or *China RoHS Compliance Directive GB/T 26572-2011) for up to 50 Samtec part numbers, enter the Company Name, your name, and the Samtec Part Numbers separated by a carriage return in the fields below. Click the "Download" button to generate the PDF document.


The system automatically creates one European RoHS Certificate of Compliance document for all the Samtec Part Numbers entered.

Samtec Part Numbers (50 Part Numbers Maximum, separated by a comma (','))

ACC, ACD, ASD, ASP, BSP, CEP, CIP, GCT, HDR, MAC, MAP, MEP, MOQ Demand, OTP, PCBA, PCI, REF, RSP, SCF, SEP, SME, Std ASP, SUB-ASP, TCD, ZCS Series - Information is not available here for Application Specific Products. Contact eASP for any information on this series of connectors. To create a new Application Specific Product, please visit our Custom Products Section.

For information on our ASP connectors used in Agilent Logic Analyzer and other Test Probes and Debug Devices, Vita 42 XMC/RapidIO, Micro High Frequency, Nokia M2M, Altera, and PC/104 Express applications, please visit our Industry Standards area.

To ensure a product meets TS 16949, automotive, or any other specific standards, the product must be an ACD Series. Go to for complete details.

* China RoHS labeling:
  1. Concerning Part Labeling:
    • Samtec actively monitors the product-related environmental legislation activities in China and is fully aware of the labeling law (SJ/T 11364-2014) signed into force by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the Chinese government. This statute sets forth the requirements for labeling Electrical and Electronic Products (EEPs) sold in China. Under Section 4 (General Rules), the law states that "with respect to the electronic and electrical products that are purchased for manufacturing, the supplier does not need to provide the aforementioned markings.” As a supplier of Electronic and Electrical Products that are purchased for manufacturing (connectors and small assemblies), Samtec will comply with the law per Section 4 and therefore has no plans to provide labeling on products.
  2. Concerning Packaging Labeling:
    • Per the official MIIT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document (revised February 2007) under Question 30. It states that "with regard to products purchased for manufacturing a complete product, it is fine for the supplier not to mark anything on the product provided, including marking the name of the packaging materials." As a result, since Samtec’s products would fall under the category of 'components used in production' Samtec is not required to mark or label our packaging per the Chinese legislation.

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